“America is too great for small dreams” proclaimed my 5th grade teacher. As a 9-year-old, impressionable, recent immigrant, this wonderful teacher became my first American role model and his words (Turned out he was quoting Ronald Reagan) were pivotal to my personality.

Fast forward 20 years, I had the privilege of graduating from an Ivy League university and becoming a Brazilian-American now living in Chicago. Such a thing exists, and in my case it’s probably what you’d expect. A fan of pro soccer and college hockey, an assertive accommodator, decent at surfing and great on a snowboard!


Sales at SmartSites

Fresh out of Cornell University with a shiny degree in Applied Economics and Management, I turned down a cushy offer at Deloitte Consulting to join a young marketing company as their first sales hire. I tinkered away at closing $600,000 in new business for the company in 9 months, I loved it there. But I yearned to go on my own and build something, so I did.

Founder at Go Digital NY

I founded a marketing agency Go Digital NY where I developed a wide array of digital marketing skills. Some early wins include SEO work for a startup in Brazil, giving them 900% organic traffic growth in 10 months to avg. 1,500 visits per day. The company MaxMilhas went on to be elected “Startup of the Year” In 2017.

Marketing at GroundBreaker

GroundBreaker, a SaaS startup with a great product that empowers real estate investment firms was a wonderful fit for me. We soon reached top ranking for 100s of keywords, including extremely competitive ones such as “Real Estate Fundraising,” and “Real Estate Investor Management.” Our visibility took off, and the competition was left in the digital dust.

We compounded the effect with the launch of a new website designed to convert. The leads came pouring in! The company made a 180⁰ towards success! The team was re-energized!

As a backup tool for keeping the pipeline filled at the right level, we built a lead gen system involving cost efficient email prospecting to find new prospects and begin a relationship.

Sales at GroundBreaker

With plenty of leads, sales automation became my new priority. With HubSpot Growth Stack, I built an inbound sales process from scratch, with plenty of customized automation built in. The system shortened the amount of time required on each prospect, and accelerated the sales cycle.

I spoke with hundreds of real estate firms and learned so much about real estate finance, fundraising, investor management and compliance, while fine tuning sales processes and strategies. In December of 2017 the CRM data stunned me. My work was directly responsible for a 7-figure ARR pipeline, in 11 months, with near $0 marketing budget.

Consulting and entrepreneurship.

After 21 months full-time at GroundBreaker, I moved into consulting with the intention of working with 2 or 3 companies at any given time. This allows me a hands on approach at building and executing growth initiatives.

In the next 12 months I want create multiple $XM to $XXM pipelines and I’m looking for firms that can be great candidates for this goal.

As a consultant, I help companies discover opportunities, execute marketing strategies, and develop process focused sales automation.

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