Ed has a rare combination of cross-functional skills, building and automating sales processes while generating both outbound and inbound leads. His experience with multiple startups has led him to be a one man marketing and sales department with results that normally come from a tenured team. If you are looking for growth I recommend getting a hold of Ed to see what he is capable of.
Sales Head of Training, ZocDoc
I've worked alongside hundreds of sales leaders building inbound sales processes, and I can say without hesitation that Ed’s work is outstanding. I was impressed with how he applied strategy and technical understanding towards an integrated sales process, which resulted in an excellent balance between manual activities and automation.
Inbound Sales Consultant, HubSpot
Ed helped us early on with strategy and execution of SEO for MaxMilhas. The project was really well done and yielded excellent results (we reached the number 1 position for the 20 most popular keywords associated with “miles”). Our SEO base was done by him and the results lasted for years on our website. Aside from deep technical skills, the way he handled the project by getting involved, believing in the company, and the long lasting relationship we’ve built are evidence of his professionalism.
Founder, MaxMilhas (2017 Brazil Startup of The Year)
Ed was critical in helping us design our SEO and digital marketing strategy in the early stages of our company, Cleancult. His guidance, support, and mentorship helped us rank for some of the leading keywords on Google and land publications in some of the leading online magazines, blogs, and news sites. He is smart, fun to work with, and always brings a creative and get stuff done attitude to every project. In short, he is a pleasure to work with and a asset for any company looking to design and create their digital marketing strategy.
CEO, Cleancult

Growth Process


Approx. 2 weeks

Throughout the first weeks I interview, discover, strategize and gather support from stakeholders.


Approx. 6 to 10 weeks

I build and execute the strategies designed to bring long lasting growth and impact.


Approx. 4 to 8 weeks

I train a team member (recruit when appropriate) to manage and continue expanding the company’s new marketing initiatives.



I meet with your newly minted marketing manager and hold exclusive a monthly webinar to present new ideas and strategies.


How do you like to work? Only need an SEO strategy? Maybe lead gen and content marketing? Let’s figure it out, email me: [email protected]